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Moving Tips

We're a full service company rendering all the below services, though here are some tips!


We have noticed throughout our 20 years that these tips reduce our time on the clock, along with simplifying the move process for our customers:

1)    Summer is our busiest time of the year and we advise you to give us 2-4 weeks notice to ensure your dates availability 

2)    Reserve service elevators ahead of your scheduled move date 


3)    Hours of Operation vary from storage to storage; be sure to confirm access during schedule move times


4)    Please clear all vehicles from driveways so we start the job promptly upon arrival


5)    Low-hanging branches could make backing the truck difficult, please attempt to clear space for a 13-foot-high truck in your driveway


6)    When moving to a location with wood or marble floors:  we recommend buying self-adhesive felt pads from Lowes or Home Depot 


7)    Remove your lamp shades if you are planning on having us transport them


8)    If a mirror is attached to your dresser, please disassemble


9)    Disassemble your bed frame from the headboard, if possible. Stand the mattress and box spring against the wall


10)  Unplug Electronics and wrap the cords up


11)  Use the entire box when packing and make sure to cushion breakables. Half empty boxes should be left open 


12)  Clearly Label your boxes to where they will be placed after coming off the truck via your destination


13)  Remove picture frames and mirrors from the wall for transport


14)  Home Depot usually has the cheapest boxes in Tampa Bay


15)  Request 1 wardrobe for every 3 feet of closet space you wish to transport


16)  Use small boxes when packing books; we have plenty of muscle power, but larger boxes cannot hold the weight and may collapse 


17)  Stack boxes that have been packed and label in a specific area, makes for easy access


18)  Transporting small items in your personal vehicle and allowing us to focus on the larger items will reduce your time spent on the job


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